​​Our Values 

Community Transformation

Holistic and systemic change is needed to transform our communities. Each and every person has a role to play in contributing to a new reality where we are no longer plagued by the devastating effects of sex trafficking. We also believe that community transformation occurs when systems are examined and changed in accordance with the needs of the community. That is why we participate in multiple collaborative networks including the California Child Welfare Department to influence statewide systemic change.

Survivor-informed, Research Based Solutions

We believe that service provision is most effective when it is influenced by the contributions ofsurvivors of sex-trafficking. We seek to employ survivors (when possible) and provideopportunities for their voices to be heard. We seek to model our service delivery approachafter other survivor-led organizations and have selected the Stages of Change (an EBP) as ourtheory of how survivors of sex-trafficking experience change.

Partnership with God

We seek to be the hands and feet of God here on earth by following the servant example set by Jesus Christ, the ultimate abolitionist. We aim to selflessly serve others in a way that meets practical needs and ultimately points them to a relationship with God. We never “push” God on others by demanding spiritual activities or church attendance but we do believe that discovering the Kingdom life is the way to experience full and lasting healing/transformation/wholeness. Therefore, we offer voluntary opportunities for our clients to include spiritual health on their healing journeys.

Grace and Inclusiveness

We believe grace, healing, and a new start should be available to all, regardless of their past ortheir social, religious or gender status. Our doors will remain open to all that meet our targetdemographic of females between the ages of 11-25 in the Sacramento region.

Emotional Wellbeing

We know that we must fill our own “tanks” so that there can be an overflow of emotional health and well being to serve others. Working with high-need populations requires high levels of self-care and we strive to encourage a culture of rest and joyful service where none of us carry burdens alone, but continually seek healing and share our work and ultimate outcomes with other team members and God.

Healthy Relationships

Transformation happens in the context of healthy relationships. We choose to walk with each other as we journey towards freedom and redemption. This belief in intentional community is at the center of our approach to client services.


We welcome opportunities to partner with other individuals, groups or organizations to impact sex-trafficking incidences and outcomes in our region.

We Love We Serve

Bridget’s Dream is a survivor-led nonprofit organization that provides research-based trauma recovery services to female victims of sex trafficking (ages 11-25) and their families within Sacramento, California, and the surrounding region.

Bridget's Dream was founded in honor of Bridget Gray, a young woman who lost her life to America's violent epidemic of child sex-trafficking. To learn more about Bridget's story click here

The entire team at Bridget’s Dream is fiercelycommitted to preventing others from experiencing the same tragedy. In addition to victimservices, they fulfill this commitment through advocacy, awareness and education activities,along with prevention services for at-risk youth.

Our Vision

We envision a world where communities are protected from sex-trafficking and survivors are empowered to live life to their fullest potential. 

Our Mission

​As a Survivor-Led organization, Bridget's Dream provides comprehensive services to Commercially Sexually Exploited young ladies and their families, while bringing awareness to the community, and advocating for systematic change. 

About Us

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