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​​if you have any further questions about how we live out our mission as a christian organization, please contact us at 916.235.3690


People often want to know what it means when we say that we are a Christian Organization! 

When we embarked on the journey towards launching Bridget's Dream we knew that we would identify ourselves as a Christian organization. We also knew that doing so may be off putting due to other Christian efforts that have unfortunately done things in the name of Christ that have been damaging. We aim to demonstrate the love, justice, and compassion displayed in the life and ministry of Jesus in a way that does not harm those we serve. 

FOr Us being a christian organization means

That we believe trafficking survivors deserve the opportunity to be restored to dignity and purpose regardless of their faith, system of belief, or sexual orientation! 

That we are deeply compelled to love those whose hearts have been broken by the ravishing effects of trauma! ​

That we are committed to providing sound trauma-informed services with integrity! 

That we encourage the Christian church to rise up, get educated, and get involved in the fight against sex-trafficking! 

For uS being a christian organization does not mean 

That we force Bible study, prayer, or any other form of religious expression. 

That we judge or otherwise mistreat those who do not accept our faith or believe differently. ​

That people who do not share our believes can't serve along with us.